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We have a surgical team with more than 35 years of experience at your disposal

You are in good, competent hands with the neurosurgery team of the OLV Hospital in Aalst.

Your attending neurosurgeons are Dr. Geoffrey Lesage (department head), Dr. Djaya Kools (staff member), Dr. Frederic Martens (senior physician), and Dr. Anamaria Tallo (resident).

The neurology department in the OLV Hospital in Aalst was set up in 1990, which makes it the oldest of the region. Thanks to a very future-oriented vision and with the support of hospital management, our team is able to apply state-of-the-art high-tech techniques, often used as a first in Belgium. Examples are neurological navigation for the treatment of brain disorders, wakeful brain surgery, stereotactic radiation therapies (radiosurgery) and endoscopic treatment of herniated discs. The team closely follows the latest developments in the field of neurosurgery and can use state-of-the-art technology for surgery and imaging. This ensures that all advanced neurosurgical brain and spinal column operations are executed in complete safety.

Thanks to these relentless medical efforts and continuous supplementary training of our excellent paramedical staff in the operating theatre and on the wards (recovery room, intensive care, medium care and nursing department), the neurosurgery department has been able to help a large, ever increasing number of patients, including the former Belgian monarch, King Albert.

Your surgeons/specialists

Dr. Geoffrey Lesage

Dr. Geoffrey Lesage

Head of department

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Djaya Kools

Dr. Frederic Martens

Dr. Anamaria Tallo

Dr. Tallo has been working in the department since 1/2/2023. After her training in neurosurgery in Belgium, she worked as a staff member for a long time at the university clinic in Duisburg-Essen.