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Given the easing of measures against COVID-19, it is now possible to schedule consultations as normal again.

Call our secretariat +32 (0)53/72.43.73.

Stay safe,
Team neurosurgery OLV

What is neurosurgery?

Welcome to, the site of the neurosurgery department of the OLV Hospital of Aalst, the first neurosurgery department in our region.

In this site, we will explain for which health complaints you can turn to the neurosurgery team of the OLV Hospital. You will obtain more information on our specialised team of surgeons and the state-of-the art techniques that they use to help you. Finally, you will find a wealth of practical information: where to make an appointment, how your hospitalisation will be organised, the course of your recovery period, ...

Neurosurgery covers a wide range of disorders, which can be subdivided in: