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Pain/numbness in hand(s) due to nerve compression

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpaal tunnel syndroom: beknelling zenuw in pols


Carpal tunnel syndrome is quite a common disorder. It is caused by a compression of the middle nerve (nervus medianus) near the wrist. This nerve runs from the forearm to the palm of the hand through a tunnel (carpal tunnel) on the hand palm side of the wrist. Also the flexor tendons of the fingers run through this tunnel. The compression of the nerve is caused by a swelling of the connective tissue, thus increasing the pressure in the tunnel.


The resulting complaints are quite diverse. You may suffer from a tingling and painful sensation in your fingers and in the palm of your hand or from numbness in hand palm and fingers. Other possible symptoms are: radiating pain in forearm, elbow and shoulder and, sometimes, loss of strength in your hand. These complaints will very often occur at night and wake you up.


Carpaal tunnel syndroom: operatie Often, surgery will be necessary to remove the pressure on the nerve. In this procedure, the connection between the little finger and the base of the thumb, which is the roof of the carpal tunnel, is cut through to lift the compression of the nerve.



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