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Medical problems with brain / skull

Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuromas are benign tumours of the acoustic nerve. Symptoms are: weakened hearing, tinnitus and/or vertigo. Acoustic neuromas are usually discovered following an audiometry. An NMR will confirm the diagnosis.

There are two possible treatments, depending on the volume of the tumour.

Smaller tumours: stereotactic radiation therapy

If the tumours are small and clearly delineated, stereotactic radiation therapy will be preferred. This is a minimally invasive therapy using a mask on the Novalis TX device.

Bigger tumours: surgery

Bigger tumours require surgical correction. In this case, it is usually rather difficult or even impossible to save the patient's hearing. During the operation, everything possible will be done not to damage the facial nerves (nervus facialis). That is why this surgery is performed using neurological monitoring.